September 15, 2022

Krome – Your Guide to successful eCommerce images

Images serve the purpose of communicating to the potential buyers the context, emotion, and features of the product. By looking at successful images through data, we can get a clear guide to what had worked before that resonated with buyers resulting in higher conversion rate. A side benefit of using data is reducing the time and money testing different images. The success is repeatable.

What are the elements of an effective ecommerce image?

Image needs to provide context (size, usage, features, and emotion)

Heatmap of interest. Perfect ratio of picture & text. (4 max features bullet points.)

Krome has a free tool to help look at top selling images.  This will allow you to see “who” “when” and “what” are the elements being used to attract buyers.  You also see the number of lifestyles or infographics you need to achieve the best results helping you maximize your ROI.

Krome hosted a webinar on How to boost product sales with Data-Backed Imaging where we discuss what makes an effective eCommerce images. How to use data to help guide your creative decisions and we’ll share tools to help you achieve successful results.

Watch the webinar and gain the advantage over your competition!

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