October 02, 2022

3 Ways To Increase Halloween Sales with Images For Your Online Store

Enchant your customers with well designed images for your Halloween products. Sell more this year with these following tips.

1.Make your Halloween marketing campaign more effective with multi-product promotion.

Combine your best selling items with other side products or new items you’ve just added to your store and promote them together. Show buyers the advantages of having the products at the same time. You can do that by helping them imagine the benefits of having all of the items with a lifestyle images.

2. Decorate your online store and emails

Start preparing early and run your Halloween promotions early to best the competition beforehand. Create halloween themed banners, ads and social media content. Our Krome data research showed the best selling elements used in halloween images are the following.

It’s clear that images are more prominent in comparising to using catch phrases in Halloween promotional images and our designer experts determined that elements like blood, face, makeup stood out from top selling image data. Our image scoring system look at thousands of images in this cateogry on Amazon and scan through the top performing products to aggregate a set of common theme so we can determine what images are capturing buyers.

3. Give your product images a make-over

Images sell. 83% of online purchasing decision is based on images, more so than reviews or videos. Repurpose your old product images by giving them a new background. You can also do that for non-Halloween items. Add themed background easily with apps or designer services. Use Krome’s Image Score to determine what models or props to use and the number of images that can help maximize your ROI.

Check out some of Krome’s designs. Our designs are layered and can easily and efficiently be swapped to change backgrounds, props and models that is time and cost effective.

Have fun with your product images!

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