December 13, 2022

Did your online sales drop in 2022? Need a boost in 2023?

Many sellers report their sales have dropped in 2022, but is that the true across all e-commerce? The answer is not so simple, as these sellers are seeing their revenue decreased, the online market is growing year after year.

The online market by the numbers

Year after year online sales are growing up uninterruptedly, even pre, during, and post-COVID-19 pandemic.

Market sales numbers by quarter
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

US e-commerce grew 10.8% in Q3 2022 compared with the same quarter of 2021, Q2 grew 7.3%, and Q1 6.7%.

So why are so many online sellers reporting negative numbers about their sales?

According to studies, in the US alone, there were 4.5 Million new online businesses started in 2020. This is up from the 3.5 million new online businesses in 2019. The competition is growing and if you saw a drop in your sales, you will have to win the buyers back.

What can online sellers do to stay in front of the competition?

According to Etsy, 90% of its users consider the quality of images the most important factor in an online sale. Similarly, research made by Justuno says that 93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchase decision.

With so many choices out there, sometimes the decision to buy comes down to the one with the best images.

A product page with professional imagery is 362% more likely to be viewed by potential buyers and can increase sales by more than 50%.(source: Bigcommerce). 78% of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life; in other words, we are talking about lifestyle and infographic images.

Krome, being the leader in using data to create images that sell, has helped thousands of sellers create powerful and effective e-commerce photos and design that had successfully increase their sales. We predict your revenue boost by comparing the top sellers in your product category and we are confident that our images will help you lift sales. Or your money back!

Take one step further in 2023 and refresh your storefront with new images. Do it before your competition does!

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