December 21, 2022

Using manufacturer photos or standard listing images won’t cut it anymore.

You need more than a standard product picture stay competitive and to boost your sales.

Everyone knows that professional-looking product pictures make your products attractive and desirable for your potential customers.

It sounds simple, the work that goes into finding the right studio or photographer who understands your product or the market is time consuming.

There are several aspects to take into consideration when deciding on a product photo strategy. Let’s understand why and how Krome can help you to achieve new levels of sales.

The product from every angle

The potential customers visiting your e-commerce store want to see your product in detail, and you as the seller need to make sure to provide enough visual references to them.

A customer experience survey by Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights with a thousand online shoppers, says that 35% of the respondents got frustrated with the lack of product images provided on the product page.

They want to see what the product looks like and how it works, but without enough pictures, that is impossible once text descriptions can’t offer it.

Lower return rates

22% of shoppers return the products because what they receive looks different from the pictures online.

Yes, 22%!

This data is scary, but your customers don’t need to be part of that number. Use descriptive photos of your product. Showing details and its usage to fully tell the story of your product so buyers can see and fully understand everything about the product.

Provide better buying experience by meeting your customers’ expectations on what the product is like in real life through informative images.

Less questions from buyers

For sure you are used to receiving many questions about a product, and in some cases unnecessarily so, but perhaps there are reasons for that. The problem may be how your product descriptions are not illustrating the point across or not providing the specific answers buyers are looking for. Most product inquiries (ex: sizing, color, etc.) can be solved with better product images.

By doing so, you’ll reduce unnecessary customer support, and can reallocate your time and resources.

Stronger presence on social media

Professional-looking images are more likely to be shared and increase the engagement of your product. And with content that speak to your audience, you can also increase your cost-per-click on your paid ads.

Knowing what the market is looking for is important and that’s why Krome built the Top Seller Image Insight. We scan over 4 million images to aggregate what elements are working for any particular product category. Want to know what to show in your product image so people will pay attention? Check out our data insight tool here!

Having multiple quality images will make your products more appealing and creditable.

Krome can help you by providing a complete set of eye-catching product pictures, such as lifestyle images and infographics.

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