Krome's A.I. and data analyze which products are selling
correlated with the images and content that are winning.

The AI derived insights are used to estimate your ROI when adding Krome lifestyle and infographic images
as well as which images will move the needle for your products.
Data provides insight to who the best sellers are in specific categories and the elements used in the most successful images.

Krome data insights guide design decisions

Krome aggregate insights of elements from winning images.We then intepret the data to generate original creative layouts that are both unique and success-guaranteed.

Data are Krome’s creative team roadmap to creating images that sell. Each step of our design process follows proven success turning your competitions’ wins into your wins.

Krome - Assembly

Data & A.I. Driven Workflow

Large scale image creation from custom AI driven virtual assembly lines that meet the needs of enterprises and sellers.
Using data analysis to inform revenue estimate & design decisions

Recommendations based on:Sales, rank, ratings, trends and success data on a given product / subject or category.

Custom design guides based on data

Designers interprets data and make recommendations to settings and image styles tuned to your target market. Design drafts are style guides for production workflow.

Image capturing & production

Photography and image editing by crowdsourced experts produce final images from designers guide. Krome Assembly A.I. assign image productin and review to talents that have highest succcess in particular category

Data-driven final designs

Krome Insight and Assembly workflow optimize data into images that sell.