April 25, 2023

Your Product Images Matter, Especially When Selling Online

More than 50% of online purchases are made on impulse, it’s essential to make sure the product images you use make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the customer. The images should be easy to see and understand , giving the user all of the information needed to make an informed decision to strengthen their impulse to buy, pushing your sales up.

To help our sellers make the best investment for their product images, Krome now offers a revenue boost guarantee for our sellers. This means that if the seller does not see a predetermined increase in sales after using Krome, they will receive a refund or image upgrades for free. This guarantee assures that sellers will notice an increase in revenue, just by updating their current product images with the professional images provided by Krome. We are confident in our work and want to pass that confidence to our sellers when using Krome images.

This becomes especially powerful when the images are shared on social media. The better the images, the more likely they are to be shared, which in turn can help expose your brand to a wider audience.

Krome’s revenue boost guarantee, it’s a no-risk investment in your company’s future. So, don’t wait any longer to upgrade your online product images, and start reaping the benefits today!

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