Krome’s Peak Season Package

Don’t skimp on the most important shopping season of the year by reusing old product images.
Seasonal related Product Images sell 32% faster during peak season .

Krome is offering a 6-image package to help boost your Q4 revenue higher at
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Get a Jump Start and Sell Your Holiday Inventory Off The Shelves

You’ve restocked and done all other preparations for the shopping season, let Krome help you get to
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6 Unique Designs
For Your Product
Prepare for the fall sales, Black Friday
and Christmas in one package.
For less than $50 per image (reg. $69.99) ,
cross off marketing images on your ToDo List.

Don’t Wait for Last Minute. Rest Assured Before The Rush
with Krome’s Revenue Boost Guarantee

Don’t wait for the last minute to prepare for holiday sales. Product images may be the last thing
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Getting started is easy.

List your product
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Add-on studio photography available

Get effective marketing
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Add-on studio photography available