Boosting sales with Krome images

Online sellers, very often, face challenges in boosting the sales of some products, and that’s the case with an under-grill mat. How can sellers show their customers the benefits of using such a product?

Krome is the solution for that, not only because we create nice-looking images but also because we go deeper into the concepts of our images.

We collect data from top sellers to know what elements perfectly work with a specific audience, and it’s what we did for the under-grill mat project.

We designed images focused on the features and benefits of the product, making its usefulness and practicality very clear to customers and the accuracy of the sizing of such products are crucial for buyers to understand. 

Moreover, you can easily see the FIREBUBBLES branding applied on all images, making them unique and exclusive.

“I have tried local services that took longer with lesser quality pictures and less options.

I liked that they were very easy to work with, walked me through the process, were quick, and made suggestions.”

Glenn Whitmyer

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