April 11, 2023

Changing The Way Online Sellers Think About Product Photography

Krome tools have the ability to generate data-backed product images.

Product photography is an essential marketing tool for e-commerce sellers. A product’s image can make or break a sale, and a visually appealing and informative image can attract customer interaction. However, not all online sellers indulge in the creation of high-quality product photos due to several reasons, one being the high cost of hiring professional photographers.

Krome makes it easier than ever to create high-quality, data-backed photographs without spending a fortune.

Krome consists of an AI-powered editing technology that can generate images based on data collected from the top sellers of the same category of your product. This data technology creates a systematic approach to editing and eliminates subjectivity.

This technology can mimic the patterns of consumer behavior, such as the placement of the subject, the color scheme, the image’s contrast and brightness, and so on.

Krome’s generative AI technology offers instant previews based on those data and on your own inputs, giving you the possibility to customize entries in a way that you get control over the details of the images.

Quality product photography can enhance a business’s online presence and generate revenue by attracting potential customers. With Krome tools, businesses can take their product photography game to the next level and watch sales soar.

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